Russia etc.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Nov 19 08:30:41 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> JUST CHECKING  you der forestmeister...This is the really correct URL.
> >> Ya'll gotta read this on on the Russian forest resource....
> >> go to
> Gotta have; an "i" in ~blippke (sorry)...These things drive me nuts...

You are forgiven. Now say 10 Hail Marys and 10 Our Fathers and 10 Acts
of Contrition. (pretending I'm a priest in the confessional)

The way I always to this is, when at the web site, I do a copy of the
URL into the windows clipboard, then when composing the message do a
CONTROL "V" to paste it in.

Too bad I gota run, 'cause that looks like a GREAT web site. I'll check
it out after I do my usual 3 hours of work. Thanks for digging that up.
I love to see what's going on elsewhere in the forestry world. I have no
doubt we're all going to be doing some wheeling and dealing someday on
the net. And it's great to see Russia join our wonderful capitalist
world. No more of that egalitarian bullshit. Now I hope they can trully
manage those forests and not liquidate them for the quick ruble, I mean
quick buck, or yen or whatever. I'm sure as soon as Russia gives back
those islands they stole from Japan, Japan will rush into Siberia will
all their resources and exloit the hell out of the place and enrich the
Russians too, at least a few of them.


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