Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

Zane z_thomas at
Wed Nov 19 15:34:52 EST 1997

On 19 Nov 1997 11:54:32 -0800, Jym Dyer <jym at> wrote:

>> Tell me something ... what man (or woman) ever had his (or
>> her) life destroyed by a tree spiking?
>=o= There's been one injury, a man named George Alexander.  A
>blade in a mill with poor safety conditions hit a nail and he
>was seriously injured.  This was widely propagandized as the
>fault of Earth First!, but in fact there is no reason to believe
>that EF! or any environmentally-motivated individual put that
>nail in that tree (which was not logged from a contested stand
>of trees).  George Alexander himself certainly doesn't blame
>EF!; he blames his employer's lack of concern for the lives of

That's what I've read elsewhere.  I also read once, somewhere, that
the logical suspect for the spiking of the tree in question was a
disgruntled adjacent property-owner.

>=o= But again, this issue has NOTHING to do with the police
>torture tactics used against the kids who were nonviolently
>protesting the sellout of Headwaters Forest.

Well no, of course not.  They can't offer a logical defense for that
and so they resort to the tired old lies and propaganda of the timber


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