Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

Jym Dyer jym at
Wed Nov 19 14:50:50 EST 1997

> And... worse yet... these "tree-huggers" that are spiking the
> trees... let me ask them this.  They are saving the life a a
> tree... by destroying the life of a man (or woman).

=o= It's amazing to me that people are STILL going on about
this, even though (1) nobody's life has ever been destroyed by
a tree-hugger's spike, and (2) the tree-huggers in Earth First!
renounced and abandoned tree spiking in 1989.

=o= Tree-spiking has absolutely nothing whatsover to do with
these kids' non-violent protest, nor with the violent torture
tactics that the Humboldt police used on these kids.  So why
are we going on and on and on about it?  It's irrelevant!

=o= How about talking about the real, true, at-hand issue, where
violence is in the realm of fact rather than the abstract, and
where there is real live actual documentation of this fact?

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