Dead Tree?

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Wed Nov 19 13:33:05 EST 1997

R.R. <fx at> wrote in article <34727E4F.1388 at>...
> I planted 298 Douglas Fir trees.Everyone except one have their needles
> and are showing signs of growth.The one in question lost all of its
> needles.Is it dead or just transplant shock.The tip broke off about
> three inches down.These are 3 year seedings.I'm in N.E.Pennsylvania.
> Thanks,
> Ryan
Be thankful that that many lived.  Here is WA where the tree is native,
mortality is almost always much higher.  I find 10-20 percent is not

Why the tree died. 
	It's not a perfect world.
	Not planted correctly.
	Roots dried out prior to planting
	Planted wrong time of year(after bud break)
	Bad nursery stock
	among others	


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