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Wed Nov 19 12:21:44 EST 1997

Don, not to beat a dead horse but...

> but want to take on regulatory
>authority that is not theirs to have. 

The Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) works with the Alabama Department of
Environmental Management (ADEM) only in a technical capacity.  There are no
manditory forestry regulations but fines can be levied in certain water
quality cases.  IMHO the AFC is not in the regulatory business nor wants to be.

>would like anyone checking my credentials, or validating them, to at
>least know a little about what a consultant does.  Many of the foresters
>in this state view the other side as hostile

ACF members in Alabama submarined a state forestry consultant list that
included non-ACF foresters who considered themselves consultants.  They
asked that they be taken from the list which IMHO made the list less
valuable.  I was asked to pull off the project.  How can this be done when
consultants cant agree on the list.

>With your exception, how many state boys and girls have we spoken with
>on this and other lines?

Fair question and, obviously, Im befuddled.

> Are your efforts supported by the state, or
>accepted by the State?

Not supported but accepted.  It is viewed as an issue of lesser import and
I can do what I want on my own time...

>  The single biggest change in communications
>since Guttenburg and the private sector is in there, swinging.

I totally disagree...How many industrial foresters, associations (to
include yours), societies, etc. do you see in our discussions.  None that I
am aware of...

>Reagan had it right, "Trust, but verify".  I trust and respect the
>individual forester for putting up with the never ending bull shit that
>the state agencies provide, but I verify every thing that is a mutual
>project, provided by the state, or recommended by the state.

We do the same....

> giving one side
>regulatory authority over the over requires a hell of a lot of bridge

Maybe this is one small step ;)

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