WAFC Forest Focus - November 18, 1997

Don Baccus dhogaza at pacifier.com
Wed Nov 19 07:18:34 EST 1997

In article <34729B7C.1178 at forestmeister.com>,
Joseph Zorzin  <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote:

>To Steve Holmer, and others who post forestry related stuff in
>environmental newsgroups- PAY ATTENTION- I have suggested several times
>in the various environmental newsgroups to crosspost forestry related
>messages to the 2 only forestry newsgroups on planet Earth,
>bionet.agroforestry and alt.forestry.

You're one of the very few people in Usenet land who encourages more,
rather than less, cross-posting.

These WAFC bulletins are just that - bulletins.  They're not calls for
debate.  Since you know they're posted over here in talk.environment,
why not read them over here?

>If you're not looking for an
>online dialog with REAL FORESTERS, then you look CLOSED MINDED and

Various groups within the conservation community, at least out here
in Oregon, not only talk to REAL FORESTERS in person, but in some
cases provide employment.

>Give the online forestry community a chance to comment.

What's to comment about?  Maybe the onlline forestry community should
begin monitoring the Congressional scene and publish its own online
bulletin on forest-related actions.

>the forestry online community is so small, it is the ELITE of the
>profession and their opinions should be heard.

The online forestry community is only elite in that it is self-selected.
I suspect that many fine foresters simply choose not to partake in the
newsgroups.  Those who do may simply be bored, not "elite".

>Dialog is the way to solve problems.

At least out here in Oregon, the conservation community has been "dialoging"
with various players for decades.  I myself can trace the roots of my own
involvement to 1972.  That's a quarter century.  

Besides, we know that the timber industry ignores professional foresters as
often as it listens to them, and that Congressional action often flies
in the face of what professional foresters claim is best (such as the
Salvage Logging rider, which was condemned by most foresters out here and
most especially those working for the USFS).

>Just posting and vanishing is what bureaucracies do.
>Some of us are ACTUALLY on your side. Not all foresters are land rapers.

Why does the fact that WAFC chooses to practice good netiquette by posting
their bulletin to one group, rather than cross-posting (note that "newbie"
guidelines ask people NOT to cross-post), imply that they think all foresters
are land rapers?


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