Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

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: > Just a son of the Cherokee tribe who doesn't want to see disinformation
: > about pre-Columbian tribes spread around like it's the Gospel Truth.

: Hi Greg.  Glad to see you someplace besides or.politics.  

Gotta escape from all them libertarians from time to time. ;^)

: Not that this has anything to do with forestry.  The native American
: cultures generally considered trees to be a nuisance, and set fires
: to burn them off and clear ground.

Yep.  When the first settlers arrived it's said that the entire Eastern
portion of the US was practically one large park like setting with little
underbrush from all the fires the natives set.  Made the hunting easier.

Of course, our ancestors called it "pristine wilderness" when they arrived,
little knowing just how shaped the environment was by human activity.

: Most of the oak savannah of the
: West Coast of North America is the result of thousands of years of
: diligent arson on the part of the natives.

The "arson" carried with it definite survival advantages.

You and I both know that humans have a long history of managing their
environment in various ways.  Some folks like to pretend otherwise,
but they're just ignorant of their own past.

greg rose

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