Hectares and acres

Anders Axelsson anders.axelsson at eu.pnu.com
Thu Nov 20 02:29:25 EST 1997

Gareth Browning <aforester at hotmail.com> wrote in article
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> What about here in the UK. We supposedly went metric over 30 years ago
> we still get asked and frequently talk about selling logs such as an
> log with a top diamater of 16cm or 12ft rustic poles  with a top diameter
> 3cm . I for one will allways carry a dual scale loggers tape for a long
> I suspect. Still we are almost wholly in hectares except most farms seem
> be sold in acres. Is there any hope. I agree with larry though hectares
> so much easier.
In Sweden we went metric in the mid 19th century,however logs are still cut
in multiples of 30 cms (= one foot).To complicate it further we have a unit
called "aln"
which is 2 feet.
So,you`r 12ft pole would commercially be described as 3,70 metres(12
but my uncle,pushing 90,would never refer to it as anything other than "a 6
aln pole".
In effect we´re using your dual scale tape 100 years down the road.


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