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Jostnix jostnix at
Thu Nov 20 14:51:44 EST 1997

I guess I am ready to fail again. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment and
don't have a life.  After the dismal unvailing of chat, I am ready to unleash
the latest new toy - A Forestry Newsletter.  I see you laughing...

Seriously, I think this can work but I need subscribers and contributors of
information.  Sign up and see what I am talking about and you can very easily
unsubscribe if its not what you need.  Subscribe at then look for Newsletter on the Welcome Page.

The first weekly Friday letter went out today (I wanted to catch any bugs
before next week).  I hope this can be just one more way to receive forestry
info in an efficient and easy manner. I have compiled a little more information
on The Mining Company and it will be feature for the next two letters.

I will be given a bulletin board next month.  Trying to learn to play with one
toy and TMC gives me another... 

Steve Nix, forestry guide
The Mining Company
``````) (_________John Stephen Nix
"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
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