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Thu Nov 20 12:31:12 EST 1997

> Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <346E003B.22F7 at>...
> >I happen to think government is NEEDED,
> >because without it, we'd be back to the 12th century. I'm actually proud
> >to admit to being a LIBERAL. Let's have government but lets have GOOD
> >government. And GOOD government wouldn't waste taxpayers money
> >overseeing me, while 90% of the logging goes on without any forester at
> >all.
> The problem here is that you are indeed LIBERAL, too damn LIBERAL, in your
> lust to control other people's land.  Lead by example, not by legislation.
> Paul

The other side of the coin in this day and age is to have multi-national
corporations control your life and tell you what to do and think.  We need
government to protect the people from them.  If you like and enjoy having
Shell Oil company and the likes of them running our lives then let us get
rid of government.  So we go from being a pawn of government to being a 
slave of the some company.  At least with government we get to vote. With
large corporations there is no such option.

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