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> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
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> > Jostnix wrote:
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> > > ACF members in Alabama submarined a state forestry consultant list
> > > included non-ACF foresters who considered themselves consultants. 
> > > asked that they be taken from the list which IMHO made the list less
> > > valuable.  I was asked to pull off the project.  How can this be done
> > > consultants cant agree on the list.
> > >
> Some key words here, overlooked.  Non-ACF foresters who "considered
> themselves consultants" may well be industrial types, or government
> types, moonlighting.  Or, as has been the case in Texas, were forestry
> consultants rather than consulting foresters.  I don't know the
> circumstance, but I do know we go through an annual process with the
> state on the legitimacy of their consulting list.  Our problem is
> consultants who are nothing more then timber pimps, buying and selling
> timber rather than acting on the behalf of the land owner.
> Do you not believe there should be some minimal level of competency and
> legitimacy for consultants?
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Pennsylvania maintains a professional forester list.  All foresters must
have a minimum of a BS and 2 years experience, although I don't know who
checks it out.  There is a category for consulting foresters, and a
category for industrial foresters.  It is up to the landowner to decide who
they want to use.  Not very much business is generated from these lists. 
The landowner is generally looking for assistance, which the State doesn't
offer.  The list has so many foresters on it, they are overwhelmed. 
Usually, nothing much happens.

Most foresters look at the list as a free advertisement, which goes to a
captive audience, and is handled by the State.  They offer a whole slew of
services, of which many have never done (real estate procurement, for
example), but they check it off anyways.  I don't hold much stock in lists,
and I don't think the bulk of landowners do, either.


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