Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

Jack Burns archaeo at
Thu Nov 20 19:55:54 EST 1997

"Robert A Henkel Sr" <duder at> wrote:

>>  eco terrorism is nothing new.
>>a, some would say, practical approach to your local ecology
>>an example, spiking trees earmarked for logging.
>>some 10" spikes into a selection of trees 5% coverage is all thats
>>ring the company warn them of the risks
>>if they proceed theyare foolish and are risking the workers lives
>>a days work is wasted company owner gets mad and (usually) moves in the
>>poor trees only spared for a day

>And... worse yet... these "tree-huggers" that are spiking the trees... let
>me ask them this.  They are saving the life a a tree... by destroying the
>life of a man (or woman).  Tell me something... does this really make
>sense?  At what cost do we save a tree... the cost of a human life?... the
>cost of a suffering family... that already has to pinch pennies just to make
>ends meet - let alone that fact that they most likely have no insurance...
>which means that that family will now be subsidized with social security
>checks... about 600 per month per child... until they are 18 years old.  Is
>this where you want your tax dollars to go... to a family that YOU helped
>eradicate... all for the sake of ONE TREE?!?!?!?!>

While I'm not particularly a fan of tree spiking, it is not done just
for "one tree". I've only heard of one case of a person being hurt by
spiking ( there may be more, but I haven't heard them)  and that was
because the company decided to go ahead with the cut even they had
been warned AND their equipment was already in poor condition. Had it
been in good working order the saw would have jammed, not shattered.
Besides, if the person doing the spiking has any conciense whatsoever,
they will notify the company logging the area long in advance of the
actual cutting. If they don't, and someone gets hurt, then I think
they should be busted. But if they do notify, then the onus is on the
logging company for exposing their workers to a KNOWN dangerous
situation.  Anyways, who's forcing them to work for a logging company?
I'm not trying to minimize the value of a life, I'm just trying to say
that people have choices in life, and I know it's not always easy to
make a living, but you do have choices. Logging is one of THE most
dangerous occupations period, spiking or not, and the loggers know it.
Their not stupid. Have you ever heard of a widowmaker? Is it worth one
human life to build yet another crackerbox house that will fall over
in the next stiff wind? Or another pressboard bookcase that will end
up sitting in some trash dump in a couple of years because it fell
apart? Oh yeah, do you know where Earth Firsters got spiking from?

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