Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

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Fri Nov 21 16:35:04 EST 1997

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"Robert A Henkel Sr" <duder at> writes:

[Hank Spank] 
>>  eco terrorism is nothing new.
>>a, some would say, practical approach to your local ecology
>>an example, spiking trees earmarked for logging.
>>some 10" spikes into a selection of trees 5% coverage is all thats
>>ring the company warn them of the risks
>>if they proceed theyare foolish and are risking the workers lives

>And... worse yet... these "tree-huggers" that are spiking the trees... let
>me ask them this.  They are saving the life a a tree... by destroying the
>life of a man (or woman).  Tell me something... does this really make

Nope.  Not one bit.  Things may be different in other countries, but here
in the U.S. it doesn't make sense for a variety of reasons:

- It hurts people unnecessarily!!!

- Tree-spiking is incompatible with nonviolence.  Nonviolence is not 
only correct, but required for public support.  Who did the public support
at Waco?  At Oklahoma City?  on Rodney King?  on the pepper spray thing? 

- Tree spiking doesn't do harm until after the tree is cut.  That's not
environmental preservation - that's vengeance. 

- It's not an effective deterrent because the timber company DOESN'T
CARE!!!  Just a blip on a spreadsheet in division 27.  Other means of
activism will get their attention far, far better. 

- Tree spiking places timber workers at risk.  Timber workers are at 
worst apathetic to the environmental cause, and will tend to be our
allies given the slightet nudging.  Alienating them is STUPID! 

- As seen, even the remotest suggestion of tree-spiking will motivate
the timber company to blame the environmentalists for any accident,
especially one caused by shoddy practices within the mill. 

I don't think there are any organizations spiking trees in North America.  
Early on, the environmental movememt figured out that it doesn't work. 

There is some happening in Africa, but as said I can't speak to their
culture. Presumably the eco's out there consider it a viable option
given their culture and politics. 


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