The debate

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>Subject: Re: The debate
>From: Joseph Zorzin <redoak at>
>Date: Wed, Nov 19, 1997 17:14 EST
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>Jostnix wrote:
>> ACF members in Alabama submarined a state forestry consultant list that
>> included non-ACF foresters who considered themselves consultants.  They
>> asked that they be taken from the list which IMHO made the list less
>> valuable.  I was asked to pull off the project.  How can this be done when
>> consultants cant agree on the list.
>But why would the state allowed itself to be submarined by the local
>ACF? There must be legitimate consultants that aren't members of the
>ACF. The state shouldn't knuckle under to the ACF.
>Heck I've been trying to submarine my state agency for 20 years and
>haven't succeeded yet. <G>

I wouldn't want to go to sea with a consulting forester, for all their other
endearing qualities <g> ... they don't know the difference between a submarine
from a torpedo!  :)

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