Black Cherry stumpage

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Fri Nov 21 23:18:52 EST 1997

Really don't need to speculate.  It is some of the best in the world in my
opinion.  There has been outstanding research done.  An ecological
disaster with overpopulation of deer has been addressed.  

The real tragedy is that the rhetoric has convinced everyone to stop
silviculture.  The cherry has a relatively short life span and will
breakdown in 20-30 more years and will be lost.   It is very even aged due
to the heavy chemical wood cutting in the 30's which created the desirable
reproductive environment.

Take the time to go see the research people there.  Tell Steve Horsley I
sent you.  Look at the deer enclosure study.  You can see for yourself.  


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>> Veneer buyer came by and bought a cherry log for $900.  Right around
>> $12/bf, so the logger said.  
>> Rumor has it that cherry is selling between $2 & $3/bf on the stump in the
>> northern tier counties of PA.  Anyone want to speculate about the quality
>> of forest management going on in that area?
>> RDW

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