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>Pennsylvania hasn't even found the road, yet.  No harvest plans, no
>certification, even voluntary, no forester licensing, nothing.  If you have
>a chain saw and a pick up, you're a logger. 


Alabama has a certified loggers program run by Dr. Dick Brinker, Auburn
University. The loggers program has been very effective and some of the end
buyers of timber have excluded wood that did not meet logging standards.

This is where good state government through a university with a forestry school
and the forestry state agency makes a difference.  They certify loggers to
include tee-shirts and caps to advertise.

Our timber buyers guide and list of buyers have a hard hat icon by every logger
that is certified (the timber buyers guide is a list of loggers and their
addresses, phone #s) and is free by request.  Ya'll have crapped on lists in
the past but it is a GREAT service to people selling timber in Alabama.  The
most popular document requested at the Alabama Forestry Commission is the
timber buyers list.

Alabama has a manditory registration law (see ) and demands that the practice of
forestry be of the highest standards.

Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745

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