Forestry on PointCast!

Jostnix jostnix at
Sat Nov 22 14:32:25 EST 1997

For those of you who use PointCast as your offline news source, Forestry at the
Mining Company has just made it to PoinCast Connections.  You can update this
forestry site as you update the evening news.

1) Download and install PointCast 2.0.  On the PointCast menu screen go to
Connections, the very last item as you curser down from CNN.

2) Go to PointCast-Connections Directory-Science and Technology-.....then go
down the alpha index to Forestry.  Thats me.  Click to subscribe (you have to
be connected to the Internet)

At that point my site will be updated as you grab the evening news. You will
have the latest feature to read offline.

Ron Wenrich will finish his two part feature interview and give tips on selling


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