Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

David Deutsch (Gondwana Gardens) gondwana at
Fri Nov 21 13:52:36 EST 1997

Rex Harrill wrote:
> Muskie said...
> > : There are only a few states today that have the top predators still
> > : somewhat intact.
> and you added...
> > That is indeed a sad fact.  And their territory continues to shrink.
> I live in Maryland.  Although deer are not predators, some people equate
> them with wilderness.  The deer population is exploding here---so much
> so that the Natural Resources people keep adding more hunting season
> each year.  Somewhere or another I read that we now have at least 10
> times the deer population as when Columbus sailed.  Could you comment on
> that?

He may not, but I'll throw in the following comment: Is it any wonder
that deer are exploding everywhere? No wolves, cougars, bears, coyotes
to keep the deer and other herbivores under control. Deer population
explosion as a sign of ecological health? That's like saying that tumor
growth is a sign that cancer is under control.

> Further, bears are moving into the metropolitan DC area.

Wow! Is this really true? Or are you being unkind to Republicans?


David Deutsch

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