Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

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Sun Nov 23 14:32:53 EST 1997

Rex Harrill (brixman at wrote:

: Greg Rose wrote:[snip]

: > Which goes to show you where the real problem is, right?  Too many
: > goddamn people.  I'll tell you why there are too many people shortly.

: I read your whole post and couldn't see where you actually explained
: this.  Could you either explain further or quote back if you did?

Rex, this is what I said later on in my post...

-- Begin Quote from earlier post

To the western civilized man the Earth exists only to serve mankind's
purposes.  All animals, all trees, all of everything that exists
was created and given to mankind to use as he sees fit.  Animals
exist only to serve our purposes, they have no purpose in and of
themselves and so we wipe them out when they get in our way.  It's
never occurred to the typical white man that a wolf or a grizzly
is his kindred spirit.  In fact, I believe the dominant religion
of western civilization does not even acknowledge that animals
have a soul or spirit.  To the western man, only mankind has a soul
and a spirit, the rest of all living things are just shit outta
luck and live only to serve our purposes.  And if it is in our
purpose, then away they go.

-- End Quote from earlier post

Now, since the Earth was made for Mankind and all other species exist
at his pleasure and for his purposes, then it follows that we would
continue to expand the human population.  Because the Earth was made
for Mankind.  Other species are not important.  They have no intrinsic
value of their own according to this viewpoint.  It then follows that
since human life is so much more valuable and special than all other
forms of life we might as well pack as many people on to the planet
as possible.  And if that means making other species go extinct then
if you hold this viewpoint it doesn't matter, because other species
exist only to serve our purposes anyway.  If you hold this viewpoint
then who cares if every species on the planet goes extinct as long
as we keep making more humans?

Do you see what I'm saying?

: Muskie said...

: > : There are only a few states today that have the top predators still
: > : somewhat intact.

: and you added...

: > That is indeed a sad fact.  And their territory continues to shrink.

: I live in Maryland.  Although deer are not predators, some people equate
: them with wilderness.

I don't.  Not even close.

: The deer population is exploding here---so much
: so that the Natural Resources people keep adding more hunting season
: each year.

Yeah, that's because back on the east coast all the predators that feed
on deer were wiped out a long time ago because they were competition
for our food (the deer).  Remember how I said that our culture will
brook no competition for its food?  This is exactly what I mean.
The white people showed up, saw that there were predators competing
with them for their deer and forthwith wiped out all the competition.
Thought they were doing God's work too.

: Somewhere or another I read that we now have at least 10
: times the deer population as when Columbus sailed.  Could you comment on
: that?

I can.  It shows that things are out of balance.

: Further, bears are moving into the metropolitan DC area.  Could
: that in any way be a sign that things are turning around?

Perhaps.  Attitudes about the environment are indeed changing and it
is a hopeful sign.

We still need to get our population under control.

greg rose

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