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> > of my clients has a 800 acre site (duh... don't ask in hectare- we
> > Americans are too dumb for that stuff <G>). Most is ordinary except for
> Yankees!  A hectare is 2.471 acres.  Call it 2.5 in the ballpark.  So if
> you want to convert from acres to hectares, multiply by two and divide
> by 5.  800 acres is around 320 hectares, running the numbers in my
> head.  On the hand calculator it works out to 323.76 - close enough.
> To convert the other way, multiply hectares by 5 and divide by 2 to get
> acres.
> If you want a good head shot at how big a hectare is, it's 100 meters
> on a side.  There are 100 hectares in a kilometer square.  Simple, huh?
> There are 100 ares in a hectare.  An are is ... *bing* 100 square
> meters, or 10 x 10.
> I have to admit that I work in the metric system a lot.  It's so much
> simpler than the American crapola.  I mean, a square acre is 42,849 square
> feet.  If I want to lay out half that I have to divide by two and take
> the square root of 21,424.5 in my head.  Gak.  In metric, 50 ares is just
> over 70 meters on a side, and I don't even have to think about it.
> -- Larry
> ....use the right answer...one acre is 43560 square feet. 10 square chains to

an acre. One chain is 66 feet long. 80 chains to a mile. Acres relate to
miles. Thats why they were invented. Thats how old I am. 2.47 acres to a
hectare... It was easier in feet and chains and acres. Was about 13 paces
to a chain. Count the chains off in your head as you walk along, and
estimate how many miles you walked etc...Bushwhacker stuff. Oh yea....A
square are would have 4 sides of about 208 feet.

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