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Ronald D Wenrich woodtick at
Sat Nov 22 20:44:49 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:

>  "Ron Wenrich" <woodtick at> writes:
> >Pennsylvania hasn't even found the road, yet.  No harvest plans, no
> >certification, even voluntary, no forester licensing, nothing.  If you have
> >a chain saw and a pick up, you're a logger.
> This is where good state government through a university with a forestry school
> and the forestry state agency makes a difference.  They certify loggers to
> include tee-shirts and caps to advertise.

We have a forestry school, but they have gone  the landowner education route.
Logger "certification" is left up to logging organizations.  However, not very many
go.  We have one paper mill which threatens not to buy pulp from loggers who don't
comply.  OK in a year of plenty, but when they need pulp, they'll turn their head.
The other problem we have on logger certification, or forester licensing is that
one of the big political contributors is a large mill owner.  He doesn't even use
foresters to buy timber, he uses salesmen.  Foresters are relegated to timber
marking, using diameter limit cuts, with all oak at 14" as "mature".  His export
market has dried up this year and is now into moldings.

> Our timber buyers guide and list of buyers have a hard hat icon by every logger
> that is certified (the timber buyers guide is a list of loggers and their
> addresses, phone #s) and is free by request.  Ya'll have crapped on lists in
> the past but it is a GREAT service to people selling timber in Alabama.  The
> most popular document requested at the Alabama Forestry Commission is the
> timber buyers list.

PA doesn't have a timber buyers list that I am aware of.  Consultants and
industrial foresters are included on a list.  I see nothing wrong with a timber
buyers list, although most consultants would see that as a threat to their
industry.  I've seen industrial foresters do good work, and consultants do poor
work.  Foresters know better, landowners are uninformed.


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