Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

Roger rogpost at
Sun Nov 23 18:48:55 EST 1997

Muskie wrote:

Most sniped

 If they understood that these lands

> are theirs, I think this bill would have much better support.


> A better understanding of our public lands by all American citizens
>  is imperative to wildlife and old-growth protection.  Were just not at
> that point yet.

Sorry but I agree with Greg. We do not need to stop logging on all federal
land. I agree with both of you that we should not cut any more old growth
timber. It is not replaceable. I agree that it is our land that is the
people of the United States and we should have more say as to what it done
with it.

I do not want our timber sold at a loss no matter who cuts it. I do not want
the US Government to build roads in wilderness areas or any other area for
that matter to make it easier for timber companies to cut and remove timber.
If roads have to be built the timber companies should be building them at
their expense but at OUR specifications.

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