The debate

Steve f94m at
Mon Nov 24 14:23:28 EST 1997

Paul Morgan wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <346E003B.22F7 at>...
> >I happen to think government is NEEDED,
> >because without it, we'd be back to the 12th century. I'm actually proud
> >to admit to being a LIBERAL. Let's have government but lets have GOOD
> >government. And GOOD government wouldn't waste taxpayers money
> >overseeing me, while 90% of the logging goes on without any forester at
> >all.
> The problem here is that you are indeed LIBERAL, too damn LIBERAL, in your
> lust to control other people's land.  Lead by example, not by legislation.
> Paul
 Owning forest land does not endow the owner with proper knowledge in
hwo to manage and care for that land. Some governmental (whether federal
,provincial/state) regulations and help(ie extensions services,
information workshops,etc) can help those who want to know more. Its not
about controlling peoples land, but it should be about helping those
people manage their land more effectively. 
The strangeness of my actions are porprotional 
to the 'normality' surrounding me.

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