Age of a larch

Gareth Browning aforester at
Mon Nov 24 16:01:31 EST 1997

I couldnt help but suggest that you fell it and count the number of rings.

Apologies for sating the impossible obvious but it brought me a smile if
no-one else.

Wish we had trees that old and large here in the uk. At a couple of metres
and a 4/5 tonnes there is a Sitka spruce not far from my office which is
believe the largest in the forest that I help to manage in North Cumbria.

I guess taking a bore would not help? or counting the number of whorls of
branhes/knots. The biggest problem I imagine is that in overmaturity growth
will be virtually undetectable some years so any estimate is likely to
underestimate age.

Interesting problem though

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