Changes in soil chemistry after forest fires?

Goran Agren Goran.Agren at
Tue Nov 25 15:55:23 EST 1997

> : Nick Ananin wrote:
> : > I presume there must be effects also on pH and also vegetation will not
> : > intercept rainfall i.e. greater direct runoff.
A small review with a number of references to effects of fire on forest
can be found in:
Ågren, G.I., Johnson, D.W., Kirschbaum, M. & Bosatta, E. 1996. Ecosystem
physiology- Soil organic matter. In. Breymeyer, A, Hall, D.O., Melillo,
J.M. & Ågren, G.I. (eds.) Global Change: Effects on Forests and
Grasslands, J.Wiley. pp. 207-228.

Goran Agren

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