Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

Norm Lenhart lenhart at
Tue Nov 25 19:59:06 EST 1997

Robert A Henkel Sr wrote:
 Tell me something... does this really make
> sense?  At what cost do we save a tree... the cost of a human life?...
> the
> cost of a suffering family... that already has to pinch pennies just
> to make
> ends meet - let alone that fact that they most likely have no
> insurance...
> which means that that family will now be subsidized with social
> security
> checks... about 600 per month per child... until they are 18 years
> old.  Is
> this where you want your tax dollars to go... to a family that YOU
> helped
> eradicate... all for the sake of ONE TREE?!?!?!?!>

The answer is simple. In the communist society that the greens are
pushing the USA towards, there is no Social Security to worry about

As for that one tree, ask them wif they use paper, live in homes built
of wood etc. It seems that only the trees which give their cause
leverage are good enough for saving. 

Hell, Judi Berri had a home built of REDWOOD!!!!

Norm Lenhart
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