Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

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Tue Nov 25 21:41:16 EST 1997

David Deutsch (Gondwana Gardens) wrote in message
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>Paul Morgan wrote:
>> David Deutsch (Gondwana Gardens) wrote in message
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>> >He may not, but I'll throw in the following comment: Is it any wonder
>> >that deer are exploding everywhere? No wolves, cougars, bears, coyotes
>> >to keep the deer and other herbivores under control. Deer population
>> >explosion as a sign of ecological health? That's like saying that tumor
>> >growth is a sign that cancer is under control.
>> Bear as a form of deer control?
>> Paul Morgan
>Note I said "and other herbivores."

Just yanking you, Dave...back home in Maine, the black bears may be fast for
short bursts but they taste too good to be very successful carnivores.


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