Roland Jonsson roland.jonsson at
Wed Nov 26 02:47:00 EST 1997

I now have alt.forestry on my Swedish ISP news server after requesting to
usenet at Perhaps you should try usenet at ? It took a few days
after my request, but now I have it.

Good luck!

Roland Jonsson, Tidaholm, Sweden
roland.jonsson at
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Don Staples skrev i meddelandet <347B890F.17DD at>...
>Apparently, by what I gather from the news director of my ISP,
>alt.forestry is probably on one of the smaller low profile news groups.
>He suggests that the group be placed on more news servers by request.
>And since I have no idea of how to do that, I will leave it to you
>experts.  However, AOL would be a place to start, every teenager in
>America has a news group there!
>Don Staples
>UIN 4653335
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