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Wed Nov 26 23:20:36 EST 1997


If it weren't for cross posting, I wouldn't have found this fascinating
newsgroup,  My server doesn't find alt.foresty -- a
nobrainer guess at a name I previously searched to no evail.  Who knows
if my comments are going to benefit anybody here, but at least I have
benefited from finding this group.

Often, if topics become too diverse, a newsgroup will show up with a
specific charter -- a subset within a group to avoid all of the
confusing garble.  Of course anybody can post outside of the charter
(SPAM -- don't really know what it stands for) but a reminder of the
group's focus and of the appropriate site that would welcome the
renegade post every now and then helps to minimize the BS.

Perhaps the ideal crossposting message would be something like:

"Hey, XYZ newsgroup specifically addresses X, Y and Z.  Come on over if
your interested in this latest ....."

However, crossposting a nude picture to some religious newsgroup gives a
different message completely.

What is bionet.agroforesty's charter?  Is it intended for forestry
related questions/answers, etc. such as "Why are catepillars devouring
my Norway Pine and Balsom Firss but not touching my Eastern White Pine
and Colorado Blue Spruce"?

Or is it intended to be a political and emotional debate forum such as
"Is it in our national interest to allow free market 'export' of bolts
dirt cheap today, or should we develop governmental policies similar to
those applied to oil"?

If the newsgroup has a defined purpose and Spam keeps coming in from a
source, then go ahead and swear and be rude.  Otherwise, deal with it.


See "unthreaded" question "What is the charter of this news group"?

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