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Wed Nov 26 22:46:30 EST 1997

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 {much snipped}

>i sure hope you don't own much land, pal !!!  Attitudes like yours are what
>made the amazon what it is!!!  you have a really good point - it is your
>land to do with as you choose - no forester can tell you what to do - screw
>it up as much as you like.  It  "ain't"  their land, but they give a shit
>more than you do.  And they know way more than you.  So, you can be proud
>yourself for being an  IGNORANT landowner - cheers!!!

Not to be a party pooper, but you might be suprised to find that:

 -  I agree nearly 100% with the ForestLuster's ends (though not his means)
 -  I'm a great Thoreau fan
 -  I only log on snow with a crawler (no mud, none of the time)
 -  I don't select crop trees by species value, but by what appears to grow
best on the site naturally (can't quite bring myself to use the term
"diverse", however)
 - Without any coercion whatsoever, I usually exceed every regulation and
BMP I've seen, a priori, because I love the land and trees.
 - I probably know as much about computers as I do forestry (interpret this
as you will)

The point being that the only way to improve the quality of forest
management without threatening people with fines and jail time is to either
breed better landowners or demonstrate convincingly that proper land
management is in their best interests.  I'm pleased to report that there are
two of the former on the way while I concentrate on the latter.

Trees AND freedom.  I know...a difficult concept these days.


(BTW, please don't drive your car until a certified mechanic has approved
your maintenance plans, don't spend any money until your local, friendly
micro-economist has approved your personal budget, and don't get out of bed
until your HMO has approved your diet-and-exercise plan.  After all, we're
all in this together, right?)

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