The debate

kat kats at
Thu Nov 27 02:21:57 EST 1997

jets are cooled, boys  <g>

it tends to send me a bit over the top when i see mismanagement at any
level - unfortunately private landowners seem not to have to answer to
anyone but themselves.  In many cases, poor management does affect more than
just them -  I've been there and didn't like it much.

And I happen to know a fair amount about PC's as well, and am willing to
admit ignorance when necessary :)  when it fritzes out and I just can't get
any further, I call my local computer geek. <G>

And when my truck is making strange noises and I'm covered in grease and the
strange noise continues, I take it to a mechanic...

It sounds like all any of us want here is some responsible forestry - we
just have different approaches....

that's what makes this profession so interesting (challenging?)


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