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Thu Nov 27 01:16:31 EST 1997

Way down in old thread: Re: Pepper Spray - Torture By Police
Norm Lenhart <lenhart at ctaz.com> WROTE:

>The answer is simple. In the communist society that the greens are
>pushing the USA towards, there is no Social Security to worry about

>As for that one tree, ask them wif they use paper, live in homes built
>of wood etc. It seems that only the trees which give their cause
>leverage are good enough for saving. 

>Hell, Judi Berri had a home built of REDWOOD!!!!

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Norm Lenhart, the unWise abUse troll and hate monger, is off
on another one of his frequent fact-free fabrications.

Here are some facts:

1) Judi Bari never owned a home. When she died of breast
cancer, March 2, 1997, she was living in a small rented
wooden cabin, where she had lived with her two daughters
since 1990.

2) Neither Judi Bari nor Earth First! were opposed to
responsibly done sustainable logging, so there is no
contradiction if they live in wooden homes and use paper.
It's one of unWise Norm's myths that EF! is opposed to all
logging. It's the age-old tactic of setting up a straw man,
then knocking it over. It's also the main tactic the unWise
abUsers use against environmentalists, putting out
ridiculous arguments and positions and claiming they come
from the enviros.

3) What Judi did and EF! does  oppose is irresponsible rape
and run logging as practiced by corporations like Maxxam and
Louisiana Pacific. Judi said at least  ten years ago that
LP was cutting way beyond sustainable levels and would soon
reach the run phase. She was right. LP announced last month
that they are selling off all their 300,000 acres of wasted
former redwood forestlands in California, as well as their
few remaining sawmills, their pulp mill, and everything
else. They said as recently as a few months ago that they
were here for the long term, and have been trying to get
a 100-year Sustained Yield Plan approved. LP has been
closing up its sawmills over the last decade as they ran out
of trees. They shipped the machinery to Mexico where they
set up a now-failed mill operation at El Sausal in Baja. LP
boo-hooed about workers' jobs whenever environmentalists
challenged a logging operation, but L-P laid them off in a
flash and shipped the mills and jobs to Mexico when they
finished off the trees. Less than 1% of the annual 1200 or
so logging operations in California have been challenged or
opposed by environmentalists. They have no impact on jobs.

4) Earth First! is not an organization; it is a grassroots
movement of autonomous local groups. There is no national
office and no officers, neither national or local, nor are
there any members. Decision making is done by voting in the
local group, in other words by the democratic process. The
local group is whoever shows up.

5) Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney led all the EF! local groups
of Northern California and Southern Oregon in agreeing to
denounce tree-spiking and sabotage as tactics in the spring
of 1990, and shortly afterwards Judi and Darryl were
subjected to death threats and a near-fatal bomb attack
while organizing for Redwood Summer. The bombing didn't stop
Redwood Summer. It drew thousands of non-violent activists
to mass rallies and demonstrations over several months. The
only violence and property damage was done _to_ the
demonstators by the timber industry supporters.

6) Tree-spiking has never been practiced by EF! in this
Northern California region. The single tree-spiking incident
that the unwise abuse trolls keep referring to had nothing
to do with EF! George Alexander, the millhand who was
injured in that incident blamed it on his employer,
Louisiana Pacific, for making him work in unsafe conditions
where he could be hurt by a breaking bandsaw blade and for
failing to replace a blade that he told them was already
damaged before it hit the nail that broke it. Breaking
blades is a common occurence due to a variety of hard
objects in logs that have nothing to do with spiking or
sabotage. Alexander was asked by LP to go on tour to speak
against environmentalists but he refused to do so.

7) Far from being perpetrators of violence or terrorism,
Earth First!ers are repeatedly the targets of violence,
death threats and terrorism by supporters of the timber
industry whipped up into hateful actions by the deliberate
and calculated tactics of their employers who have used
"public relations" companies like Hill & Knowlton to
demonize and target them. 

8) The timber corporations  have been aided in whipping up
hatred by accomplices like the unWise abUse liars and dirty
tricksters who troll environmental newsgroups and knowingly
circulate fraudulent, phony Earth First! flyers and
publications through offroad.com and the "Eco-terror
Response Network," the latter of which is part of the main
unWise abUse web site maintained by Ron Arnold, one of the
two principal founders of the unWise abUse "movement."

9) Readers who want factual information about Judi
Bari, including articles from mainstream newspapers, her own
writings, and details of her continuing federal lawsuit
against the FBI and Oakland Police can find it at

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