Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Thu Nov 27 00:55:27 EST 1997

jimi wrote:

> People,
> If it weren't for cross posting, I wouldn't have found this fascinating
> newsgroup,  My server doesn't find alt.foresty -- a
> nobrainer guess at a name I previously searched to no evail.  Who knows
> if my comments are going to benefit anybody here, but at least I have
> benefited from finding this group.

Alt.forestry is a new group, which is not available to a wide range of
servers, yet.  This group accepts any comments, and will address them in a
courteous manner.

> What is bionet.agroforesty's charter?  Is it intended for forestry
> related questions/answers, etc. such as "Why are catepillars devouring
> my Norway Pine and Balsom Firss but not touching my Eastern White Pine
> and Colorado Blue Spruce"?

Bionet.agroforestry was originally set up for communication on the use of
forestry and agriculture together.  Things like growing trees and grazing
cattle.  Since no other forestry newsgroups are around, most "mud foresters"
have gravitated to this group.  Several consultants, a few industrials, some
landowners, and a government forester are regular contributors, although we
suspect there are lots of  lurkers.  It is a moderated group, so spam is
kept to a minimum.  Several months ago, an attempt to cast us aside by
having a sci.forestry group and a misc.sawmill products group splinter off
failed.  We couldn't muster the required 100 vote plurality - barely got 100
votes.  With the increased traffic on this NG in the past couple of months,
I believe it would succeed, if a new vote was called for.

Just keep on reading, and keep on posting.


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