mycology in agroforestry

M.A.H.Askey afu104 at
Thu Nov 27 12:02:15 EST 1997

Hopefully once I have finished my dissertation, there should be
considerable interest in the School of Forestry at Bangor university.
We have the honour and pleasure of a new professor of forestry joining
soon, Prof Godbold, whom specialises in mycorhizae. So the general
aspect of forest mycology in the UK should rocket in terms of study!

Martin Askey

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 dwheeler at wrote:

> In the Spring, 1988 issue of Mushroom, the Journal of Wild Mushrooming,
> the late Gary Menser wrote:
> In some Northwest forests the value of the mushrooms exceeds the value of
> the trees as timber.
> Am I the only tree grower interested in this? Is it possible that forest
> managers can't see the forest value for the trees?
> Daniel B. Wheeler
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