What is the charter of this news group?

Michael Hagen mhagen at mail.olympus.net
Thu Nov 27 17:45:38 EST 1997

Paul Morgan wrote:
> jimi wrote in message <347CF632.3563 at hendrix.com>...
> >Just trying to figure out out whether this newsgroup is for political
> >debate or just stuff about forestry (science).  Maybe both, maybe more,
> >I'm relatively new here, so please help out.
> >
> >Thanks.
> Mostly forestry with occasional sidetracks.  When politics becomes involved,
> it seems to default to "we need more laws to protect OUR forests from those
> pesky landowners".  After a while, silence implies consent, and I do not
> consent.
> Overall, I've learned quite a bit from the group and find the Web links
> especially valuable.
> Paul

I agree that this group has grown into a good sounding board for almost
any part of a broad subject. One of the age old observations about
foresters is that they are not the greatest communicators. The
stereotype is that we tend to be so well adapted to life out with the
trees that when debatable issues come up, we're surprised that everyone
doesn't agree with us. That that doesn't seem to be a problem here! The
debate seems lively and (usually) stops short of blows. I've been
impressed with the ability of some regulars to "take it" and remain calm
even after being misquoted, taken out of context etc. 
Hang around a while. It's never boring.

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