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Thu Nov 27 13:16:16 EST 1997

kat wrote:
> :>> Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <346E003B.22F7 at>...
> :>>
> :>> >I happen to think government is NEEDED,
> :>> >because without it, we'd be back to the 12th century. I'm actually
> proud
> :>> >to admit to being a LIBERAL. Let's have government but lets have GOOD
> :>> >government. And GOOD government wouldn't waste taxpayers money
> :>> >overseeing me, while 90% of the logging goes on without any forester at
> :>> >all.
> :>>
> :>> The problem here is that you are indeed LIBERAL, too damn LIBERAL, in
> :your
> :>> lust to control other people's land.  Lead by example, not by
> :legislation.
> :>>
> :>> Paul
> :> Owning forest land does not endow the owner with proper knowledge in
> :>hwo to manage and care for that land. Some governmental (whether federal
> :>,provincial/state) regulations and help(ie extensions services,
> :>information workshops,etc) can help those who want to know more. Its not
> :>about controlling peoples land, but it should be about helping those
> :>people manage their land more effectively.
> :>--
> :>The strangeness of my actions are porprotional
> :>to the 'normality' surrounding me.
> :
> :I'm afraid you are too charitable in your interpretation of the comments of
> :the Forestmaster.  He has repeatedly stated that landowners should be
> :required by law to employ foresters to manage the harvest their woodlands.
> would like to point out that it is forestmeister ----  and i agree with him
> 100% - if there were more foresters like joe out there our forests wouldn't
> be such a big hideous mess right now!!!!
> :I'm all for voluntary education and proper land management - I intend to be
> :able to retire early through proper land management.  I'm not against state
> :forestors.  I view them as the proper "cops" for  the woods.
> excuse my skepticism - state forester = woods cops????   too scary to even
> envision.... 'i'm so sorry, ma'am, but policy says i have to clearcut this
> entire forest - according to our growth and yield models......'     whatever
> ......
> what this country (pardon, i mean CONTINENT) needs is some good wood (bush,
> mud, whatever it takes) foresters....
>   I'm not
> :against private forestors and will probably contract with one in the
> future.
> :But I flat-out reject the notion that just because forestry professionals
> :know how to manage woodlots better than most landowners, they are therefore
> :entitled to force their services upon the unwilling.  No matter how much
> :money they can make for the landowner, no matter how much they can improve
> :the forest, the simple fact remains that it just ain't their land.  Freedom
> :includes the freedom to be ignorant and a poor land manager.
> i sure hope you don't own much land, pal !!!  Attitudes like yours are what
> made the amazon what it is!!!  you have a really good point - it is your
> land to do with as you choose - no forester can tell you what to do - screw
> it up as much as you like.  It  "ain't"  their land, but they give a shit
> more than you do.  And they know way more than you.  So, you can be proud of
> yourself for being an  IGNORANT landowner - cheers!!!
> :I'm tempted to propose a bill that would force all pc owners to employ
> :computer professionals in the management and use of their PCs.  Think of
> the
> :lost data on those 95% unbackedup disk drives that could saved!  Think of
> :the money people waste on foolish, unnecessary PC software!  Think of the
> :ravages these users inflict on our information infrastructure from all
> those
> :browers with too small cache size settings!  Damn, we need some more laws!
> Damn!!  it sounds like you know a wee bit more about pc's than trees -
> here's a deal for you - you mind the pc's, we'll mind the forests....
> :
> :Why do many (if not most people) employ financial institutions to help
> :manage their investments?  Because they have a proven track record of
> :success.  Private forestors can do the same - lead by example, not
> :legislation.
> :
> :Paul
> :
> :
> :
> :
I must say I agree with Kat. Foresters are not woods cops. Even to
suggest such is insulting. 
The strangeness of my actions are porprotional 
to the 'normality' surrounding me.

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