Windbreaks for agricultural field

jimi jimi at
Sat Nov 29 14:38:29 EST 1997

> Does anybody know how of any publications dealing with how windbreaks around
> crop circles in arid land systems affect evapotranspiration?  I work in an area
> where the are a lot of crop circles and dry winds in the summer.  I was
> wondering how effective windbreaks are in reducing evapotranspiration.  If I
> could present hard data to the farmers in the region, I believe many would be
> interested in reducing water use.

A couple of years ago I received a very succinct, easy to understand
publication titled, "Conservation Trees; For Your Farm, Family & Future"
published by The National Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska City, NE 
68410.  It was distributed by Fenton / Livingston County Soil
Conservation Service (Michigan) (517) 548-1553 along with their seedling
distribution program (2-4 year old trees @ $.25 - $1 ea. in quantity).

The booklet is 30 pages, slightly larger than checkbook size.  Contained
within are simple diagrams and descriptions of windbreak benefits with
regard to improved crop yields in arid locations (a reference is made
about the Dustbowl of the '30s), Farmstead protection, snow fence, etc.
Cute little pictures of farm animals and crops help to easily depict the

The bulletin also talks a wee bit about Timber, Wildlife, Aestetics,
Fuelwood, etc. but the bulk of it addresses the windbreak topic.

The bulletin is hardly a Doctorate Thesis, but reads well to the general
public and can be understood by anybody with common sense.


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