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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Nov 30 18:48:23 EST 1997

Steve wrote:

>  BUt unfortunately you have peopel who don't care about the forest or
> what the might do to it, wheither they own 2 ha or 2000 ha. Should these
> people be allowed to damage that forest land out of their own greed for
> the almight dollar. Now here in New Brunswick you don't need a foresters
> approval for doing woodlot operations or a management plan, and because
> there is a projected overcutting in the private woodlot industry.
> Already some pulp producers are switching their mills to a mix of hard
> and soft wood because of this. Also what about the woodlot owners
> responsibilty to society in general?

Well you see, according to the Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich view of
capitalism and resources, the woodlot owner owes nothing to anyone. But
of course if the forest has a fire, then of course the landowner will
expect taxpayers to pay for all those forest fire fighters, and if bad
logging causes a flood, then all those liberals won't mind paying to
clean up the mess; and when the logger rapes the place and robs the
landowner; the landowner wil call on the police and other of societies
protectors; but by no means require that the logging job be done right
in the first place with a professional forester. And while we're at it;
we should do away with laws saying only a surgeon can remove your
tonsils. Let's go back to the good old days when your barber could do
this. Ater all, ANY landowner knows as much as a professional forester.
I've heard that many times.

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