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Sun Nov 30 19:14:25 EST 1997

I received a note from Robert Charles in New Zealand about Royal Paulownia. 
This is the first request for marketing the tree I have seen.  Looks like he
needs a source for buying the tree for packaging his product.

He needs  a high quality paulownia tree and can't find it in New Zeland.  He is
looking in the United States.  His premium quality clothing products are all
packaged in paulownia wood boxes.

He needs a relationship with a grower that can produce wood under these

1.  Ongoing supply of Paulownia
2.  Board dimentions:  500-2000mmX200-600mmX20-100cm
3.  Ten years old
4.  Knot free
5.  Tight rings
6.  Quantities of 50 cubic meters......

Contact <Robert Charles Limited> at robert at

More on Royal Paulownia at

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