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>I have read that cavities should be clean out and filled with concrete
>(see  what is the current
>thinking about this? 
What a novel question!
I am reminded that, before man came along, oak cavities were not filled
like forest molars but used by nature to provide homes.

I am also reminded that an excellent use for an oak cavity is to keep
clothes safe while gallavanting abroad as nature intended preferably
with a long term pertner of the opposite gender.

I am also reminded that we all go odd as we get old.  Most elderly men,
for example, have prostate cancer unless first relieved of the gland
when they die.  Oak should have cavities!  Indeed, oak may be hollow
which is even better as one can get in and feel the dryads playing.
(Unless the cavity has a roof when you are more likely to feel bat shit!

I'm also reminded that it's better to concrete a *dangerous* oak than
fell it for, thus, it may survive centuries longer.  This is especially
valuable when considering that the oak will likely have been felled at
about 70 if it is wanted for timber as, after that, it can go a bit odd
in the middle, get nodes or even - God & Goddess forbid - get cavities.

I am also reminded that it is time for me to go.  However, my current
thinking - before I go - is that the important thing is to treat and
garden the tree, i.e. one at a time, not the whole forest all in one go.
That way you will treat the whole forest in the end but give each tree
the attention it needs on the way.  This individual approach is on line
with modern thinking because a) one tree supports one life - maybe mine
and b) it sounds good.  The third reason, c), is that older trees can be
culled for specific purposes (say restoration due to a branch shape or
individualistic furniture/artwork) and it is a kick in the gonads to
find the tree you just logged has as much concrete in it as a couple of

Regards,  Les Ballard,  Tree Wizard of The White Brethren
(beth or les or fludd or keeper)

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