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>> Looking for data that would show the number of trees 200 years ago in
>> the U.S. compared with the number of trees now.

The USFS started an inventory system during the 1930's and each state has
had approximately five or six surveys since then.  It is called the Forest
Inventory and Analysis and the USFS is mandated by congress to do a
periodic inventory of every state.

You may be able to get 60 years backward data but no more using this
source.  Some states surveyed themselves as far back as 100 years.  To get
a 200 year old database can only be obtained through a medium or
interpolation from Bartram's Travels - neither of which the scientific
community would put much faith in.

American Forests - A History of Resiliency and Recovery... is as close to
capturing 200 years ago as I can find.  It can be found at then go to Recommended Books in Net Find area.

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