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 Don Staples <dstaples at> writes:

>  I provided information about what the ACF
>learned to date about the program, the ACF member who has been certified
>Smart Wood,

Does ACF now have a stake in certification?

> Federal Government and several State
>Agencies are supporting the program.  Fred Deneke from the US Forest
>stated that the FS and other agencies have determined the program to be
>phenomena of the private market. 

Another mistake....I've not seen a PHENOMENA to this point.

> There was some indication, however,
>some National Forests are currently seeking considering pursuing

IMHO, this is another example of the USFS Forest System in a "gee, what do
we do next?" mode.  They are a ship without a mast, without a rudder,
without a mission...or maybe too many missions.  And they have, in times
past, been so together and confident.

>The entire discussion of Forest Certification led the NCPF to dedicate
>entire next meeting to Forest Certification in a roundtable form.  

The Society of American Foresters have been too silent on this.  I have
yet to find a position statement on forest certification - and it has been
around since 1990.  Somebody let me know if there is one.

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For a quick primer on what forest certification is, go to then to Previous Features for "A Primer on
Forest Certification"

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