120 new acres (was: Forestry Censorship...)

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Fri Oct 3 01:49:52 EST 1997

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> I hope you're young and vigorous, or have deep pockets.  Find out how
> many seedlings per acre large landowners are planting, and double it.
> You have room for about 100,000 little trees.  

Hmm,we would plant 125,000--150,000 on that size of land.The effect is to
increase quality thrugh the crowding effect.Our government (Sweden)doesn`t
subsidize this exercise by a dime,but will fine one rateher heavily if the
re-growth 5 years down
the road is less than the 100,000.

> This may seem like a lot of work and expense, but if you plant 100 acres
> to pine and log it 30 years later, you will NET somewhere around
> $150,000, after you pay yourself back for all your expenses and time.

We´d log minimum 60 years after planting and would expect to net 600-800
not counting the income from 2-4 thinnings in the interim.Just for


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