Headwaters Forest Video Available

Michael A Stephens Michael_A_Stephens at ccm.ra.intel.com
Fri Oct 3 00:39:15 EST 1997

Scott Nudds wrote:
> (Mark Shippey) wrote:
> :   Supposedly, Earth First! monkeys have now stopped tree-spiking,
> : and in these newsgroups some claim to have "renounced violence."
>   Earth First is and always has been non-violent.  Even tree-spiking for
> which there is yet to be any evidence presented, is non-violent.  It is
> a passive act.  Once the claim is made that trees in a forest are
> spiked, loggers still have the choice of cutting or not cutting the
> trees.
Wheither it has ever happened on not I do not know but I disagree with
the above statement.  This is like saying that landmines are passive and
non violent.

These thoughts are mine....I do not represent my employer.

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