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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Oct 3 10:03:08 EST 1997

> Scott Nudds wrote:
> >   Earth First is and always has been non-violent.  Even tree-spiking for
> > which there is yet to be any evidence presented, is non-violent.  It is
> > a passive act.  Once the claim is made that trees in a forest are
> > spiked, loggers still have the choice of cutting or not cutting the
> > trees.
> Wheither it has ever happened on not I do not know but I disagree with
> the above statement.  This is like saying that landmines are passive and
> non violent.

Always been non-violent?  Why were they tried and fined on the west
coast last year?  Was it an error in judgement?  Or perhaps they decided
to donate to the court systems of their community?  Destruction of
equipment and spiking are a violent act by criminals.  If you run with
dogs, you'll get fleas.  Defending the dogs doesn't destroy the fleas.

Don Staples

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