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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Oct 3 15:54:32 EST 1997

Scott Nudds wrote:
> (Mark Shippey) wrote:
> :   Supposedly, Earth First! monkeys have now stopped tree-spiking,
> : and in these newsgroups some claim to have "renounced violence."
>   Earth First is and always has been non-violent.  Even tree-spiking for
> which there is yet to be any evidence presented, is non-violent.  It is
> a passive act.  Once the claim is made that trees in a forest are
> spiked, loggers still have the choice of cutting or not cutting the
> trees.
>   If Earth First were interested in being violent, they would simply
> snipe at loggers from within the forest, or otherwise be violent.
>   Silting construction equipment, and other forms of monkey-wrenching
> are clearly non-violent acts.
>   Now those involved in the forest industry don't like monkey-wrenching
> so they attempt to portray Earth First as a violent organization.
>   The first lie is the claim that Earth First is violent.  It is
> non-violent.
>   The second lie is the claim that Earth First is an organization.  It
> is not.  It is a movement.
> (Mark Shippey) wrote:
> : But, at the same time, they sell
> : and promote literature that enourages other types of sabatoge and
> : assaults on innocent workers and business owners.
>   Now Mark Shippey is a liar.  Earth First does encourage sabatoge, and
> good for them I say..  But it has not called for violent assaults on
> innocent workers or business owners.

You seem to have a problem with non-violent acts not being criminal.  I
would again ask about the convictions and $1,000,000.00 fines on the
Earth First!ers on the west coast.  Basic terroristic tactics, straight
from the manuals.

And as far as being non-violent because they don't snipe at workers.  No
one claimed Earth Firs!ers were dumb, although your leader geting blown
up was sort of dumb.  Or maybe just bombs in her car.  Anyway, explicit
violence requires a certain amount of determination and guts.  It is
much safer being sneaky, silting and spiking.

You ask for proof of the violence, I ask for proof of non-violence,
start with the trial and fine.

Me thinks thou doth protest to much.
Don Staples

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