Headwaters Forest Video Available

Michael A Stephens Michael_A_Stephens at ccm.ra.intel.com
Fri Oct 3 00:41:07 EST 1997

Scott Nudds wrote:
> (Al Stangenberger) wrote:
> : Several years ago a sawmill worker in Cloverdale, CA was severely
> : injured when the mill's band-saw shattered.
> : As I recall, the cause was a spiked redwood log.
>   Was it his decision to cut the log?  Or is he not taking
> personal responsibility for his own actions?
>   Undoubtedly if the log was spiked, it was from an area where the
> spiking had been announced.  If the cutter is not informed then the
> logging company is guilty of fraud.
 and the person spiking the tree is guilty of Assualt with a deadly
These thoughts are mine....I do not represent my employer.

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