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Michael Courtney michael at amo
Fri Oct 3 13:03:52 EST 1997

Scott Nudds (af329 at james.freenet.hamilton.on.ca) wrote:

:   Earth First is and always has been non-violent.  Even tree-spiking for
: which there is yet to be any evidence presented, is non-violent.  It is
: a passive act.  Once the claim is made that trees in a forest are
: spiked, loggers still have the choice of cutting or not cutting the
: trees.

And if  put mines in a field and announce it, it this a non-violent
act because people still have the choice of walking in the minefield?

Spiking trees is a kind of terrorism because it manipulates people's
actions with the fear of injury.

Michael Courtney, Ph. D. 
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