Wind break in sandy soils?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Oct 3 15:21:59 EST 1997

Greg Austin wrote:
> To all,
>         Does anyone have a suggestion on a good wind break tree other than
> Norway Spruce?  Planted 10 in some light sandy soil and of course 5 did
> not survive despite some preplanting soil prep and presumably adequate
> watering.

Spruce isn't the best species on sandy soils which are low in nutrients
and dry out too quickly. Spruce are shallow rooted and can't send their
roots down deep enough. You need species that have good tap roots like
oak. Most pines will also do well on sandy soils. I'm only about 50
miles east of you in the Berkshires- I'd plant white pine if you want
the trees to spring up quickly and provide good wind protection. Be sure
to have good top soil- add some if necessary- and/or be sure to water
and fertilize every few years.

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