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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Oct 3 21:30:48 EST 1997

catherine yronwode wrote:
> One more thing, by the way. Don Staples asked why anyone would
> "announce" that they had spiked trees when that is obviously an illegal
> act. Don -- i forgot to answer your question, so here you go:
The full question went on to ask if they announced the spiking, why did
they not announce their guilt at the accident?  Spiking is terroristic
tactics, regardless of the motive, it is a land mine, in place for
generations in the big trees.  Silting is less so, unless the air brakes
or power steering goes out on a grade when the motor stalls.

> Spiking trees WITHOUT announcing that they had been spiked would not
> prevent logging because if no one knew that the stand had been spiked,
> they would just go ahead and log.
> The orignal and now discredited tree-spiking tactic, as promoted by
> Earth First pre-1993, was to tag the stands of spiked trees and then
> anonymously announce the tree-spiking to the local press. This was
> supposed to prevent the trees being cut down by making them too costly
> or too dangerous for the logging companies to fell. Obviously the tactic
> did NOT work -- but that was the idea behind it. There was never an
> intention to "terrorize" or harm mill workers or loggers, as far as i
> can tell from reading the old literature on the subject.

But it did terrorize, and did cause injury (assumption on my part, not
all metal was put there for the purpose of the spiking, I have seen
everything from nails, insulators, scythes, chain, even an axel once,
and many farm tools.  Most can be seen if new, imposible if old.)  Nudds
commentary is rather cavalier with the jobs and lives of the workers. 
Your story doesn't ring true (not your fault Catherine, good reporting)
as it does not fit the worker or the worker ethic that I have seen.  Can
happen though (see Forrest Gump quote)  Logging is hazardous enough
without ass holes intentionally making it worse.  That applies to human
blockades, it is a wonder a log truck hasn't turned protestors into pate
by now.  

Joseph is correct in that the boys at the mill are very good at their
job, and it should not happen.  But as Forrest Gump is alleged to have
uttered "..it happens".
> Again, i am not an Earth Firster, so my knowledge here is second hand. I
> do live in the redwoods region, though, and i follow the local news
> pretty closely, so i think i am giving as good an account of events as
> anyone who is not an expert could.
Good enough, Lady, good enough.

Don Staples

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